Literacy Action Committee

The Literacy Action Committee collaborates to reduce barriers to literacy. We strive to empower Central Albertans experiencing poverty to access lifelong opportunities to master the basics of literacy.

We seek to:

  • Draw the community’s attention to the poverty problem and the personal obstacle of success
  • Build community awareness of the literacy opportunities that exist within Central Alberta
  • Advocate for improved access to literacy initiatives for people of all ages and socio-economic standing




Why is Literacy important for poverty reduction?

  • The development of strong literacy skills in children are a key protective factor in guarding against adult poverty
  • Mastering the basics of literacy can improve every person’s outcomes

Current Activities

Our committee’s current three areas of focus include:

  • Access – Increasing access to material and opportunities to improve literacy skills
  • Attitudes – Create a positive literacy culture where reading is cool
  • Awareness – Increase the awareness around existing literacy programs and resources

Books on the Bus – A grassroots literacy program that brings reading materials to transit riders in the City of Red Deer, delivered in partnership with City of Red Deer Transit, Red Deer Public Library, City of Red Deer Social Planning and CAPRA Literacy Action committee. Books will be placed on City transit buses for people to read and enjoy free of charge thus removing the barrier of access to reading material.

Important Links and Resources

Join our Committee!

The Literacy Action Committee meets monthly and is always looking for interested people to join our group.
If you are interested in joining or are looking for more information, please contact us through our online form.