Transportation Action Committee

The Transportation Action Committee focuses on advocating for affordable, accessible transportation for people in Central Alberta experiencing poverty.


Why is transportation an important part of reducing poverty in Central Alberta?

  • People rely on transportation to get to work, go shopping for groceries, go to medical appointments, to and from child care, and many other important places. When transportation is unaffordable or not accessible, there is a barrier created to accessing these important parts of daily life.
  • Those who are experiencing poverty often work more than one job, andrely on public transportation to get them from job to job. This becomes increasingly difficult when people are living out of town or live a distance from their work place or place of child care. Employment options become limited to what is close together and close to existing transportation routes.
  • Transportation can become unaffordable for people on a low income. Owning a car may not be an option, and even paying for the bus can mean less money for groceries.

What are we doing about it?

  • The Transportation Action Committee has been meeting to share resources and information about affordable transportation options. We also have been researching other communities and how they approach transportation, and working together to come up with solutions on how to make transportation more affordable in Central Alberta.

Join our Committee!

The Transportation Action Committee meets monthly and is always looking for interested people to join our group.
If you are interested in joining or are looking for more information, please contact us through our online form.