It takes a community to reduce poverty.

There are things that each of us can do to affect positive change. CAPRA is working with the community to develop a Poverty Reduction Strategy that will outline activities that each of us can do to make a difference.

Why develop a Poverty Reduction Strategy?

  1. Poverty exists in communities throughout Central Alberta. Being poor is about much more than simply a lack of money, it’s about a lack of opportunity.
  2. There are real costs to managing poverty. Poverty deters economic development.
  3. The root causes of poverty are complex so the strategy must be comprehensive, based on evidence and measureable.
  4. To offer the community and all stakeholders a way to actively engage in poverty reduction and integrate it into all aspects of life.
  5. It may take a generation to see the outcome of this work, but without a strategy change will not be possible.
  6. A vibrant community is one where “every person has the right to live in dignity, make their own decisions in life, and fully participate in society. Policies, systems and solutions must respect and include everyone in the community.”

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