Poverty in Central Alberta

Poverty looks different from one community to the next. The challenges that residents face in Bowden, where there is no grocery store and the closest food bank is a 20 minute drive on the highway are different than Delburne that has the highest rate of single parent families (18.4%) in the region. Although Red Deer has more services than smaller communities, such as public transportation, 5,900 (13%) of families were identified as low income. In every community there are barriers and challenges for those living in poverty.


Who is vulnerable?

Anyone can become vulnerable in a recession economy. If a family relies on two incomes to meet its expenses and one person is laid off, it often doesn’t take more than a few months to feel the pinch. Regardless of economic times, poverty disproportionately affects lone parent families, recent immigrants, Aboriginals, people with low levels of education and literacy, and persons with disabilities.


Life events that might lead to poverty