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Community Voice Project

The Community Voice Project was initiated by John Howard Society and Turning Point in an effort to ensure diverse voices were being heard from. Here is an excerpt from the first newsletter. We believe each voice deserves to be heard. While social media offers opportunities for opinion sharing, there are still voices in our community […]

Why does CAPRA matter to me?

I believe in the power of community. I believe in telling people’s stories and learning from the experiences of others, because I understand that this is how we make better decisions in the future. I see CAPRA as a tool to understand poverty in my community and examine what that really means and why it’s […]

Feedback to the City of Red Deer’s 2020 Operating Budget

Each year CAPRA provides feedback to the City of Red Deer’s Operating Budget. This is an opportunity to share insights on the impact of the budget for those living with a low income in Red Deer. This was the recommendation from the Policy Committee on proposed increases in property tax and utilities: As you know, […]

Chew On This! 2019

On October 17th, the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, CAPRA participated in the annual Chew On This! event. In over 80 communities across Canada, people took to the streets and handed out Chew on This! brown paper lunch bags, which contained an apple and a postcard with facts on food insecurity in Canada. […]

Poverty in Red Deer: A needs and opportunities assessment

On Wednesday May 22 over 60 citizens of the community were able to gather to hear about the research project Poverty in Red Deer conducted by bassa Social Innovation for CAPRA.  Red Deer needs to develop a strategy on poverty reduction, but in order to do that we needed do know what issues affect people experiencing […]

Poverty Perspectives

Building on a poverty awareness survey completed by Melissa Hillman last year, 4th year Red Deer College Psychology student, Shelbey Merrill, looked further into the perspectives of people experiencing poverty and community agencies. She conducted focus groups and interviews to explore the experiences of both groups and to compare their responses. Results were shared at a […]

What would it take?

We recently partnered with the Red Deer College Sociology department to do a presentation about anti-poverty strategies. We appreciated the opportunity to share knowledge about the issue of poverty. We hoped to inspire the students to know how they might take action to address poverty outside of a classroom setting. Shelbey Merrill, a 4th year […]

CAPRA Feed back to the City of Red Deer Operating Budget

For the second year, CAPRA has provided feedback to the City of Red Deer’s Operating Budget. This is an opportunity to share insights on the impact of the budget for those living with a low income in Red Deer.  Thanks to the Policy Committee for ensuring these voices are heard. Click on the link for […]

Community members attend US & THEM Documentary Film Screening

Thursday, November 3rd several community members showed up to the Welikoklad Centre for the privilege of viewing the documentary film, Us & Them.  The film was nothing short of powerful and moving.  It followed the experiences of four people living in poverty, without a warm and secure place to live over a period of 10 […]