Seed packets encourage local growth

The CAPRA Food Security Action Team has had a busy spring, handing out seed packets to encourage local food growth.

As urbanization continues to rise, many people have lost touch with where their food comes from. The Food Security committee wanted to offer Central Albertans the opportunity to experience the joy and satisfaction of growing one’s own food, as well as to create awareness of food security and food insecurity in the region.

Seed packets were donated by the community, and then distributed at events such as Kindergarten, Here I Come and the Central Alberta Children’s Festival. There are still packages available, so if you would like to try your hand at growing food, contact committee chair Harrison Blizzard at 403-356-6371.

Food Security is “the state of having reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.” Google dictionary

For more information on the CAPRA Food Security Committee, click here