Women and Poverty: A Gendered Analysis for Poverty Reduction in Alberta

Text: From http://homelesshub.ca/resource/gendered-analysis-poverty-reduction-alberta#sthash.xfGce2M1.dpuf
Source: The Homeless Hub

Societies that value and promote the inclusion of all members, particularly the most vulnerable, enjoy greater social, educational, and financial stability. Increased social inclusion produces stable societies with robust democracies and occurs when all citizens have equal opportunity to participate and contribute to the social, economic, political, and cultural systems of a society.

Poverty is a leading cause of social exclusion in Alberta. Women who are also part of further marginalized groups, including Aboriginal women, women of colour, immigrant and refugee women, single mothers, lesbian women, women who have been incarcerated, and women living with disabilities, face additional barriers and therefore struggle with even greater financial challenges.

The Women’s Centre of Calgary has identified the following specific policy recommendations to provide a gendered analysis for poverty reduction in Alberta. Fully implementing these recommendations will create a solid foundation for a more democratic society and promote active citizenship, irrespective of one’s income.