Upon the completion of a Needs and Opportunities Assessment and two studies from Red Deer College psychology students, the following priorities were identified:

  1. Social Connections – Working with partners to reduce social isolation and grow social connection.
  2. Financial Empowerment – Focus is on building awareness and the capacity of front line service providers

Financial Empowerment

The Financial Empowerment Committee is committed to exploring possibilities to address local challenges and issues around financial security for citizens experiencing poverty in Central Alberta. Through financial empowerment our goal is to improve financial outcomes for low income households and families.

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Living Wage

The minimum wage is not enough income for individuals and families to earn, in order to keep up with rising costs of living. A place based living wage determined through research is necessary to assist with these rising costs. To read the Living Wage report for Red Deer and Central Alberta go to our Publications & Resources page.

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Research shows that children who have not “caught up” on their reading skills by the end of Grade three are more likely to experience poverty in their adult life.  Early literacy will prevent poverty.  While many programs exist and schools work diligently on this issue, the CAPRA Literacy Action Committee explores additional ways that the community can enhance literacy for all individuals.

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Food Security

Food Security is about all people having access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life.  CAPRA is committed to improving the availability, access and use of food in Central Alberta.​

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Affordable Transportation

Convene a conversation on affordable transportation – Affordable transportation is an asset that will aid many individuals out of the cycle of poverty. CAPRA works with transportation providers to determine a community strategy, which will enable low-income earners, individuals and families to get to work, school or anywhere else they need to go at an affordable rate. Thanks to the Leadership Group Excel, our community has a recent report – 2014 The Movement Towards Transportation Equality that explores the challenges and opportunities.

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These action committees meet on a regular basis. New members are welcome.

Contact Dianna Souveny at 403.342.8102 or send her an email by using the button on the right and discover how you can get involved.