6 Ways to Reduce Poverty in Central Alberta

  • 1. Understand

    The difference between Poverty Alleviation and Poverty Reduction.

    Poverty alleviation is about meeting the basic needs of citizens; this includes programs such as a food bank and thrift store. Poverty reduction is about looking at the systems and services that create barriers for people with low incomes to move out of poverty. As a community it would be ideal to have a poverty reduction strategy that goes beyond meeting basic needs, to supporting vulnerable individuals to create pathways out of poverty and assisting those that are stable to acquire assets in order to sustain themselves long-term.

    Below are some examples:

    • Warming shelters
    • Food banks
    • School lunch programs
    • Giving change
    • Donating clothing, toiletries for other items
    • Affordable housing projects
    • Living wages
    • Literacy and financial literacy training programs
    • Improved access to transportation
  • 2. Learn more

    The Central Alberta Poverty Reduction Alliance (CAPRA) is a local resource on poverty reduction.

    Talk to one of our members, read our blog, or participate in an event. Contact Dianna Souveny at 403-342-8102 or you may contact us here.

  • 3. Talk about it

    Tell your family, friends and colleagues about your experience here today.

    Share how it made you feel, what you learned about the challenges families face and what you know could make a difference.

  • 5. Get involved

    Join a CAPRA meeting, join a local initiative that is working to reduce poverty, or volunteer at a local agency that supports people who live in poverty.

  • 6. Shape the future

    Participate in the development of a regional poverty reduction strategy. To get involved contact Lori Jack at 403-343-3900 or via email at lori.jack(at)caunitedway.ca.

    Become a Champion!