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Albuquerque Mayor puts the homeless to work

The city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, used to ticket people for panhandling. Now they’re trying something new — something that’s got a lot of locals excited. Text: From http://www.upworthy.com/the-mayor-of-albuquerque-saw-a-homeless-man-with-a-will-work-sign-it-gave-him-a-great-idea Source: Upworthy Two days a week, an employee of a local homeless services organization drives a van around the city and asks homeless people if they […]

Council Adopts ‘Proactive’ Social Policy Framework

The City of Red Deer has a new blueprint to evaluate and address our community’s social needs. The Social Policy Framework isn’t something municipalities typically draft for themselves. But, the City saw fit to do so following a series of provincial and federal downloads that have fallen into the their lap. “What’s happened is that councils have […]

Smile Red Deer” campaign gives away mitts and scarves

Terri Grills To Red Deer News & Area Posted Dec. 15, 2013 Wanted to share with you the exciting growth that’s happened with our first efforts to do something to help those that are homeless. A few short weeks ago we started a FB group called SMILE – Alberta and right away we got a […]

Medicine Hat, Alberta Becomes First Canadian City To End Homelessness

When there are more foreclosed homes than individuals living on the street, you know there’s something wrong with ‘the system’. Cities like Dallas, Texas and Honolulu, Hawaii have implemented creative concepts to help remedy the homelessness crisis in the States, but until recently, no major Canadian city had successfully alleviated its homelessness issue. But that […]

Group aims to educate regarding payday loans

Between provincial surveys, local City council and independent groups there is much discussion on the topic of payday lending regulations in Alberta. The province’s payday lending regulations expires in June of 2016. In response, the government has put a survey on Service Alberta to gather input on current practices and potentially new regulations. Red Deer […]

I found myself through finding community – The Linda Shepherd Story

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) at the age of ten, which was the beginning of a life of chronic debilitating pain, broken bones, surgeries and lengthy hospital stays. The life of a disabled person with high medical needs can be a very lonely one, and that was certainly my experience. Once I became […]