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Poverty in Red Deer: A needs and opportunities assessment

On Wednesday May 22 over 60 citizens of the community were able to gather to hear about the research project Poverty in Red Deer conducted by bassa Social Innovation for CAPRA.  Red Deer needs to develop a strategy on poverty reduction, but in order to do that we needed do know what issues affect people experiencing […]

Poverty Perspectives

Building on a poverty awareness survey completed by Melissa Hillman last year, 4th year Red Deer College Psychology student, Shelbey Merrill, looked further into the perspectives of people experiencing poverty and community agencies. She conducted focus groups and interviews to explore the experiences of both groups and to compare their responses. Results were shared at a […]


Jock Mackenzie was a teacher and school Principal in Red Deer for 31 years before he retired. He is now a freelance writer and program coordinator for YIMBY Reads, a program he created in 2013. Here is his story. What is YIMBY? We have all heard of NIMBY – Not In My Back Yard i.e. […]

Women and Poverty: A Gendered Analysis for Poverty Reduction in Alberta

Text: From http://homelesshub.ca/resource/gendered-analysis-poverty-reduction-alberta#sthash.xfGce2M1.dpuf Source: The Homeless Hub Societies that value and promote the inclusion of all members, particularly the most vulnerable, enjoy greater social, educational, and financial stability. Increased social inclusion produces stable societies with robust democracies and occurs when all citizens have equal opportunity to participate and contribute to the social, economic, political, and […]

Attend this Conference in Edmonton: When Cities Lead

Text: From http://events.tamarackcommunity.ca/cities-summit2016?utm_campaign=2016_MayorsSummit&utm_content=26490275&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter Source: Tamarack Institute Citizens and their Mayors in both big and small cities are making poverty reduction a priority and just about every progressive city council in Canada is working on or is planning some form of a poverty reduction strategy. According to the National Post, Medicine Hat just became the first city […]

UK Supermarket Donates all Unwanted Food to Charity

Morrisons to donate all unwanted food to charity Text: From http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/11968491/Morrisons-to-donate-all-unwanted-food-to-charity.html Source: The Telegraph Morrisons will become the UK’s first supermarket to donate all surplus food to charity Morrisons has announced it will give away all its surplus food to charity instead of throwing it in the bin. The retailer has become the UK’s first […]