Red Deer’s 2023 Living Wage is $18.75

Today the Central Alberta Poverty Reduction Alliance (CAPRA) in collaboration with the Alberta Living Wage Network (ALWN or “the Network”) has released a new living wage of $18.75 per hour for Red Deer. The living wage has decreased by $.90 from last year largely due to a number of federal and provincial government affordability measures.

The living wage is defined as the hourly wage a worker needs to earn to cover their basic expenses and have a modest standard of living once government transfers have been added and taxes have been subtracted. The calculation is based on the income needs of three household types: a two‐parent family with two young children; a lone‐parent family with one child; and a single individual. It assumes that each adult is working full‐time hours and includes savings for unexpected costs, continuing education, childcare, and a small amount which allows people to participate in the  community.

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