Food Waste Reduction

Did you know that $31 billion dollars worth of food is wasted in Canada annually? Over 40% of this waste comes directly from our very on pantries, costing each of us an average of $28 per week. With 1 in 10 houses in Alberta facing food security issues, environmental concerns on the rise and the economy leaning on our pocket books, making better use of our unused or unwanted food is an obvious solution.

This info graphic has some great information on the effects of food waste:


Here are some tips on reducing food waste:

  1. Plan your trips to the supermarket with a meal plan and a shopping list
  2. Learn to love your leftovers and utilize your freezer to save your nutritious meals for another time
  3. Shop in your refrigerator first and get creative with what you have on hand
  4. Share your leftovers! There are many leftovers groups on Facebook, some right here in Central Alberta, where you can post your leftovers that someone else can perhaps use.

Share this food waste poster with your networks to create more awareness about the issue. You can also join the CAPRA Food Security Action Committee by contacting Chairperson Harrison Blizzard at info @

Bon appetit!